The Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) expertise to help you generate, capture, collect and protect your revenue, backed by a guarantee that goes right to your bottom line.

Revenue Maximization and Cash Management are the lifeblood of any healthcare provider. However, inefficient workflows, poor training, frequent staff turnover, and the lack of actionable intelligence lead to providers leaving revenue and cash on the table.

Today, providers are struggling to cope with new regulations and requirements such as ACO, PCMH, and value-based reimbursements. Further, CFOs are searching for solutions outside the traditional RCM process to efficiently make the move from the FFS to the P4P model.

IKS MARGIN is the ‘One-Stop’ solution for all revenue and cash problems facing healthcare providers today. At IKS, we align our success with our clients’ and ensure that our clients generate, capture, collect and protect their revenue cost-effectively. Through our proprietary tools, methodologies and expertise, IKS MARGIN guarantees a significant improvement in in our clients’ financial performance.

Key Benefits

  • Increase patient visits through referral management and patient scheduling
  • Maximize net collectible revenue through contract analysis, charge capture and accurate coding
  • Increase cash collections though IKS DARE’s informed billing, posting, denials management and A/R follow up
  • Reduce revenue cycle costs through automation and process efficiency
  • Grow practices and providers seamlessly without adding infrastructure


Referral Management

Shared Goals, Shared Success: Drive greater patient volume, reduce patient attrition, and improve patient retention and loyalty.

Scheduling & Eligibility/Authorization

Data-driven professional scheduling services increase satisfaction and drive revenue by keeping schedules fully slotted with eligible patients.

Coding Review

Aimed at improving documentation accuracy and minimizing revenue loss from under-coding, coding review helps providers utilize the most appropriate codes for the services rendered.

Payer Contracting & Under-Payment Analysis

Payer Contracting & Under-Payment Analysis offer provider organizations the ability to negotiate effectively with multiple health plans and get the most out of existing payer contracts.


Charge Capture

Charge Capture ensures that all charges are captured and billed accurately. Coding services, powered by physician expertise, support ICD-10 preparation and drive higher revenues by reducing denials and ensuring that coding is done right the first time.


Led by a professional team of physician experts, medical coding reviews provider documentation and converts it into medical codes (CPT for procedures performed & ICD-9 codes for the conditions) based on ICD-9 and CPT 4 guidelines.


Billing, Payment Posting & A/R Services

Clean and timely claim submissions that increase First Pass Payment Ratio and enhance cash flow through accelerated payment velocity.

Denials and Rejections Elimination (DARE)

The IKS Health proprietary process that improves the overall health of the revenue cycle by identifying problems upfront and, at the same time, reduces costs and bad debt write-offs.

Client Feedback: Pediatric physician practice looking for smart growth

The Client

Midwest multi-specialty practice

  • 200 physicians
  • 700,000 outpatient visits annually
  • Non-Profit Hospital Owned

The Problem

  • Declining billings
  • Rapid growth driven by an expanding physician base
  • Implementing technology to meet regulatory requirements and streamline practice processes
  • Reallocated billing staff to support EMR project

The Solution:
Revenue Cycle Tranformation

The IKS Impact

  • Collections increased by 44%
  • Revenue cycle management (RCM) costs reduced by 35%
  • Revenue per provider increased from $25,000 to $36,000
  • Receivables reduced from 35 days to 26 days

Improved Financials + Better Processes = Smart Growth. Cured!