IKS PRACTICE—a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize the technology that clinicians and staff rely on to run the practice and provide care. IKS PRACTICE delivers the enterprise intelligence your clinical team needs to track and improve results at the physician, practice and network levels.

With a focus on leveraging current technology our services range from implementation, training, support and optimization. IKS HEALTH, unlike a consulting or software vendor, doesn’t simply drop off a play book and walk away or try to solve your problem by selling you another widget. We make the technology work for you the way the technology was promised to work. As a company, we bring extensive experience with multiple clinical and administrative systems that drive the clinical, operational and financial success for our clients across the practice platform.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize existing clinical and administrative systems and create a scalable platform to support growth
  • Reduce the cost of support and training, while increasing user satisfaction and efficiency
  • Improve provider satisfaction through optimized Electronic Health Record (EHR) workflow
  • Share clinical and financial data seamlessly across multiple systems
  • Inform your decision making through financial, operational, and clinical dashboards and analytics


Turnkey PMS & EHR Implementation

Whether it’s implementing a new system or addressing issues with an existing one, our clients trust us with making the best-practice configuration decisions to get the job done.

EHR Optimization Services

For organizations with a fully implemented electronic records system, IKS PRACTICE enhances the EHR system by optimizing EHR templates, metrics and work flow.

PM & EHR Ongoing Support & Help Desk

IKS PRACTICE offers the resources, methodology, trainers and help desk experts that drive knowledge retention and rapidly expand system adoption within the provider organization.

Practice Dashboard

Providers need sophisticated intelligence on financial and clinical parameters to make the right decisions at the right time.

Analytics Support & Reporting

IKS PRACTICE includes a Business Intelligence team, with the financial, clinical and analytic skills necessary to deliver high-impact analysis that highlights broad issues, drills down to the specifics, helps identify root causes, and supports effective decision-making.

Client Feedback: National physical therapy provider looking to streamline billing

The Client

  • Large physician therapy service provider with 500 patient care centers
  • Footprint covering 30 state

The Problem

  • Multiple billing systems and clearing houses
  • Inconsistent processes
  • Limited company-wide reporting

The Solution:
System Implementation
and Practice Analytics

The IKS Impact

  • Decreased implementation costs by 45%
  • Reduced time to train and support by 33%
  • Increase First Pass Payment Ratio by 28%

Improved Processes + Reduced Costs= Better Practice. Cured!