Referral Coordination Center

Shoring up network integrity is one of the easiest ways for health systems to improve its cash situation. Sixty-nine percent of employed physicians are leaking patients to outside networks, however just 49 percent are doing so intentionally. The IKS Referral Coordination Center builds a closed-loop to ensure that care coordination is prompt, safe, and effective.

Referral Coordination Center Workflow:

Successful centers require optimization across the referral generation and processing work flow.


  • Generate consistent and appropriate referrals to the service line based on patient conditions.

  • Ensure that all referrals flow through the EHR with adequate documentation.
  • Strengthen referral relationships with network providers.


  • Streamline referral acceptance policies.

  • Ensure timely appointment availability on provider templates.

  • Optimize provider deployment and clinic hours as needed.

  • Strengthen referral relationships with network providers.

  • Allow referral coordinators to book appointments on provider schedules (if scheduling will be performed).

Referral Center

  • Provide dedicated referral coordinator staff resources to process all in-scope referrals from an EHR work queue, including prior authorization and registration if needed.

  • Generate reporting to monitor performance improvement:

    • Referral processing turnaround times

    • Referral visit wait times

    • Provider capacity utilization

    • Referral capture

A Value Proposition for Every Payment Model


    Referral Capture

    • Enhances patient access
    • Increases patient volume and revenue
    • Prevents steerage of profitable volumes to other providers

    Care Coordination

    • Ensures patients are seen by high-quality and efficient providers
    • Improves patient satisfaction and the network’s ability to coordinate care
    • Increases patient compliance