Whitepaper: Making the switch to Virtual Ambulatory care in a post-COVID world

    While digitization across all spectrums has accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic, learn how to make an effective switch to Virtual Ambulatory Care.

    WhitePaper US healthcare Providers have made a significant leap to Virtual care during the Covid Pandemic, forced by the significant risk of infection in an in-person visit, and aided to a significant extent by relaxation of norms by Medicare/Medicaid. While the higher penetration of virtual care brings the potential to reduce costs to Payers and improve access to care, it will create uncertainties for practice economics and clinical workflows. Provider organizations can however, not just survive but thrive in this new environment, by using this opportunity to centralize and virtualize their Physician support infrastructure. This will help reduce enterprise costs while improving the access to care and outcomes for care, without significantly impacting the patient experience.

    Read this whitepaper to learn:
    - Shift in drivers of virtual care adoption pre-Covid & post-Covid
    - Lessons from virtual care adoption during Covid
    - Impact of virtual care adoption on practice economics
    - The right strategies to implement a seamless virtual patient care journey in Ambulatory settings
    - How IKS can provide physicians the necessary support for care, virtually

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