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As It Should Be

Staffing challenges are accelerating in healthcare today. Nowhere is this felt more acutely than in the area of medical assistants. The growth in need for MAs is increasing at over 20% this decade due to their unique ability to help optimize the efficiency of provider practices. The high demand for qualified medical assistants is met with an increasingly small pool of qualified candidates leading to wage inflation. Medical assistants as an integral part of patient-focused care teams are vital. A shortage of MAs can have a negative impact on all constituents in care delivery. From patients to physicians, clinical staff and the enterprise, none are immune from the challenges imposed by a lack of qualified medical assistants.

At IKS we are dedicated to enabling provider organizations to succeed in their critical mission of patient care. Our Virtual Medical Assistant Solution is designed to help enterprises combat the shortage of MAs and free up time and resources. The Virtual MA Solution offers a large and growing set of solutions to help with critical care team activities.

How It Works

Helps organizations combat staff shortage, and free up their time and resources.

Acts as an extension of the practice to give clinicians on the team (Physicians, Nurses, Advanced practice providers) more time and resources to meaningfully engage in patient care.

A comprehensive, integrated & modular solution that reduces long-term recurring staffing & operating costs of the practice while delivering superior clinical, administrative & financial outcomes.

Creates efficiencies of operation in the clinic office. Our highly trained virtual assistants help mitigate both staffing shortages and the additional training efforts expended in increased turnover environments.

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