Our suite of margin solutions is the one-stop revenue cycle management (RCM) resource to allow you to cost-effectively capture, collect, and protect your revenue. We support growing organizations by increasing collections, reducing the cost to collect, and scaling seamlessly as you grow. Gain efficiency, insight, and actionable intelligence through technology-enabled workflows, real-time dashboards, and practical analytics. Our clients enjoy improved margin which they can invest toward their mission — be it caring for providers, patients, or the greater community.

Capital To Care

  • Revenue Generation
  • Revenue Capture
  • Cash Maximization
    • Referral Management
    • Contracting Analysis
    • Underpayment Analysis
    • Coding Review
    • Patient Access
    • Scheduling
    • Eligibility
    • Authorization
    • Charge Capture
    • Coding
    • Billing
    • Posting
    • Denial Management
    • A/R Follow Up


5percent increase in revenue

20percent increase in cash

66percent decrease in accounts receivable

35percent decrease in cost to collect

infinite ability to scale

Client Case Study