There is no universal answer for managing the dynamic industry change we face today. That’s why our consulting solution, IKS Practice, uniquely crafts each engagement with your outcomes and mission in mind. Leveraging industry expertise and a national network of thought-leaders, our team gives your executives counseled insight during these transformative times. As a company that has built its reputation as an execution partner, we’re uniquely positioned to provide practical strategies that deliver real results.

Optimized To Care:

  • Strategy
  • With more senior practice management expertise than any other consulting organization, our team aligns the appropriate strategy to take your organization forward in a changing healthcare landscape.
  • Technology
  • Technology used effectively makes employees lives easier and patient care better. Our regional partners will work with clients to develop the right technology plan — inclusive of training, implementation and help desk support — to make your technology platforms seamlessly work for you.
  • Operations
  • Ensure care delivery and processes are running efficiently thanks to insight that’s built with physicians in mind. Bringing national insights and best practices to your organization, we help assess your operations and take your organization forward.
  • Finance
  • When you’re facing a financial turnaround, we bring a multitude of solutions to the various problems you may face. When you know you’ve optimized the financial performance of your organization, you’re freed to focus on the issues that matter most.

Our Experts

Nicole Davis,
Senior Vice President

Chris Franklin,
Senior Vice President

Manish Gupta,
Senior Vice President

Rodney Haynes,
Senior Vice President

Ajay Madatiparambil,
Regional Partner

Emma Mandell,
Senior Vice President