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Scribble: a virtual scribe solution

Scribble is an asynchronous virtual scribe service that pairs physicians with a Virtual Physician Partner (VPP) who creates an accurate, comprehensive clinical note for each patient visit. Freeing physicians from the computer terminal, they’re able to return to the bedside interaction and clinical decision-making that inspired them to enter healthcare at the start.

Scribble Benefits

  • Meaningfully Engage with Patients

    Remove the barrier between you and your patients while you are able to more meaningfully connect during your visit.

  • Decrease Documentation Time

    Reduce your post-visit documentation time by 60 percent.

  • Free Physician Time

    Whether you use your additional time to see more patients or spend more time with family, Scribble adds an average of an hour to your day.

  • Increase Patient Visits

    Some clients open up patient panels while others add visits to their day.

  • Improve Coding Accuracy

    Ensure proper documentation and compliance with ongoing coding feedback.

Listen In: Hear Scripted Examples of our Recorded Visits