Single Specialty Groups

With operational and administrative efficiencies, single specialty groups are poised for unparalleled growth in the near future. IKS has the experience and operational insight to take multi-site, multi-state organizations and bring standardized systems, structured and repeatable processes as well as standard dashboards and reporting to your teams. As you grow your organization, we’ll seamlessly grow with you bringing the trained resources you need without the lag time of hiring, onboarding and overhead. This enables you to consolidate your team onto one regional or even national platform. This brings a solid foundation to your operations that will lead you to improved cost management, access to data, effective contract negotiations and more.

Key Determinants for Success Today

With an aligned central billing office and technologies, your financial and clinical data becomes available real-time. This not only allows you to report accurately, but your leadership is able to make informed decisions and align teams.

Bringing standardization to your practice ensures for a consistent patient experience. With repeatable practices at work in your organization, the quality of care improves and administrators can rest assured patients are being treated appropriately.

Unifying a central billing office throughout your organization brings additional value. By simultaneously reducing the cost to collect and increasing your total collections the organization vastly improves its financial standing.

As healthcare organizations grow, an investment in staffing and infrastructure is necessary to sustain quality care delivery.