Independent Multispecialty Groups

Consider IKS an ally in maintaining your independence. We bring the financial wins to allow you to stay independent and the tools to improve physician engagement while advancing safer care. Our solutions drive clinical and administrative efficiencies throughout your organization. Whether you are looking to free up dollars for a strategic investment or creating a new balance sheet in preparation for new reimbursement models, we help you create a platform that grows seamlessly.

Key Determinants of Success 

Bring negotiating power and influence to your region with large scale growth. IKS supports growth by giving you the capital to scale while ensuring efficiency and uptime as new groups come online.

As your organization grows, new physicians or clinics may have a different operating platform when they come on board. IKS can migrate and standardize technologies, giving you improved access to information and reportable data.

Motivating your physician team may not be as challenging for an independent group today. However, engaging your team and enabling them to work in alignment alludes you. Giving your providers the tools and resources to focus on the patients in front of them, is how partnering with IKS supports independent groups today.

Transitioning to value is daunting to even the most diligent organizations. Ensuring the cost to collect is as minimal as possible helps organizations prepare today. Meanwhile tracking your quality outcomes and ensuring appropriate payment is paramount to succeeding in a value-based world.

With an aligned central billing office and technologies, your financial and clinical data becomes available real-time. This not only allows you to report accurately, but your leadership is able to make informed decisions and align teams.

Every dollar counts for an organization striving to remain independent. IKS can help you reduce administrative costs by an average of 30 percent while additionally improving your collection rates.