Delivering data-driven value and expertise across the care journey, enabling provider enterprises to achieve clinical, financial, and operational excellence at scale.

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We offer clinical, financial and administrative healthcare solutions for improved operational efficiency, better patient outcomes, optimized productivity, and revenue.

Whether in quick sprints, or steady incremental steps, agility in business growth is essential for steady outcomes. Our platform and expertise offers you on-demand scalability so you can grow seamlessly.

We bring a strategic blend of technology and expertise to deliver improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes. Our certified coders, clinicians, physicians and trained experts will work as an extension of your team. Through virtual on demand access, we enable healthcare organizations to deliver improved efficiencies, alleviate talent shortage and administrative burden quickly.

We can make empathetic care and patient satisfaction a constant for your organization. Our processes empower healthcare providers to focus on clinical care by removing administrative bottlenecks, resulting in high employee retention.

Your patients’ experiences determine the vitals of your organization. Improve how you capture, collect, and protect revenue, while enabling optimal clinical and operational outcomes.

Your practice is as unique as your patients. From embracing value-based care to maximizing a fee for service model, our expert teams and advisory council are equipped to encapsulate your success through data-driven insights and accurate processes.

Our seamless technology securely integrates with your existing platforms. Through advanced analytics we produce rich insights, which enable sustained outcomes. Our intelligent platform is built for today and tomorrow.

Who We Work With

35,000+ providers
in the client install base

We are trusted by a marquee clientele who believe in our vision of enabling providers to take better, safer, and more efficient care of their patients. Together, we are creating healthcare as it should be.

IKS Provider Enablement Platform:
Healthcare as it should be

Better, safer and more efficient care at scale

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Healthier Consumers, Happier Providers, Thriving Organizations, Successful Healthcare for All.