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Denial prevention and prioritization solution
Denial Management
As It Should Be

Provider enterprises today spend a significant amount of time, energy and cost in managing their cash flow with increasing complexities of managing revenue cycle. Most often, RCM solutions and CBOs are set up to manage denials without the necessary focus on reducing them. This is replicating the approach of focusing on treatment instead of prevention.

IKS’ Denial prevention and prioritization solution is a robust AI/ML-based solution that leverages our deep expertise of managing RCM across large provider enterprises and helps increase collections, reduce DSO and improve cash flow.


Ensure that you can accurately predict denials pre-claim submission through a AI-ML-based engine that predicts propensity for denial based on historical claims, payer contract rules and proprietary algorithm

With a combination of expertise & technology, ensure that claims are fixed pre-submission through the right actions that significantly increase the clean claims ratios.

Because not all denials are preventable, we prioritize the remaining fraction of denials to focus on the quickest and most recoverable revenue for you.