IKS Health Services

IKS MigrateTM – Clinical Data Migration
As It Should Be

Depending on the electronic health record (EHR) that is being launched, the migration of information from the old EHR can be incomplete and time consuming, creating significant risk for a provider enterprise. These risks include reduced access to clinical information during the transition period, loss of critical clinical data as a result of EHR incompatibility, incorrectly transferred information (translation error), and increased provider and care team fatigue in having to reconcile these conflicts at the time of care. At IKS Health, we strive to let providers be providers as we enable seamless transfer of data across EHRs. With MigrateTM we address these risks through rigorous, closed-loop rules and protocols for mapping, validating, and transferring data correctly the first time.

How It Works

Proven methods for extraction, transformation and loading are following to ensure quality data is created for migration.

Data is transferred based on clinical protocols that are established and vetted by marquee health systems and by each client.

Each data element transferred is checked for accuracy and corrections are made as necessary.

All unstructured data is converted into structured data to map to specific EHR fields.

All data is loaded directly into the EHR where clinicians have access on day one allowing them to focus on patient care.