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IKS StacksTM– Clinical Document Management
As It Should Be

Electronic health record (EHR) systems have transformed the practice of medicine and the way clinical information is stored, accessed, and integrated into clinical workflow. But even in this new era of digital healthcare delivery, as much as 80% of clinical data can reside outside of the EHR, creating significant challenges and costs for practices and enterprises to get that information where it needs to be. This can impact every constituency in the care delivery ecosystem.

StacksTM enables the right data to be present at the right time and in the right place, helping care teams offer better care to their patients. It relieves clinical staffing burden to save over $10,000 per physician per year. A standardized clinical documentation and data abstraction process in place can positively benefit various stakeholders :

Patients : Patients benefit from more accurate and consistent diagnoses, faster clinical interventions, and unnecessary re-testing.

Physicians : Physicians experience increased engagement with patients using their EHR as the trusted source for clinical information to make effective care plans.

Clinic Staff : Clinic staff experience reduced burnout through more meaningful patient interactions and clinical tasks with the freed time.

Healthcare Enterprise : The enterprise overall can reduce the risk of malpractice, the costs of redundant care, and costly staff deployment to manage outside clinical documentation, all while generating greater revenue.

How It Works

StacksTM triages incoming documents from various sources, identifies the document type, and indexes them for easy accessibility. It standardizes the document naming nomenclature and places the document in the EHR within 24 business hours of receipt.

After indexing, StacksTM abstracts clinically relevant information from document images into appropriate and discrete data fields within the EHR for seamless integration and easier use by the care team. There are clinical quality measures and trackers populated to meet MA/ACO/MSSP and other reporting requirements.

StacksTM indexes documents against specific actions to ensure loop closure on referral and order tracking. These documents serve as additional support for other clinical and administrative tasks such as Prescription Renewals and clinical coding.

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