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IKS Inbox Management Solution – EHR Digital Correspondence
As It Should Be

Numerous surveys have shown that administrative tasks associated with the EHR are among the top contributors to provider burnout. For many of these providers there is no more daunting task than managing their EHR Inbox. Studies have shown that providers spend over 1 hour of their day managing Inbox items. Another study found that one medical institution had 18 million unread Inbox items in their system.

IKS’ Inbox Management Solution enables providers to take control of their Inbox tasks by processing some items according to strict protocols, and prioritizing and routing others to the correct responsible party. Leveraging both IKS technology and clinical expertise, this solution can remove over 50% of the Inbox burden from a provider enterprise. IKS’ Inbox Management Solution is comprehensive and reduces Inbox management time for all members of the care team. By reducing the turnaround time in responding to messages it improves the patient experience while also combating provider burnout.

How It Works

Messages are acknowledged and categorized into clinical, administrative and patient messages.

Messages are delegated and routed to the responsible parties based upon configurable rules logic.

Inbox tasks are prioritized to ensure that the highest priority tasks are completed first. STAT, critical and time sensitive tasks are handled first.

Inbox tasks assigned to IKS are processed by highly trained clinicians eliminating over 50% of the Inbox burden from the provider enterprise.