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IKS ScribbleTM – Clinical Documentation
As It Should Be

Recent studies show that almost one half of providers report experiencing burnout. Clinical documentation is the major administrative burden that drives provider burnout and reduces productivity. ScribbleTM is an intuitive virtual scribing solution that enables providers to focus on what’s most important: the patient. A unique blend of technology and expertise ensures compliance with security and regulatory requirements to produce accurate documentation for even the most complex of clinical encounters. All in a structured way to align with internal documentation standards.

Following a non-intrusive workflow, notes pertaining to all patients seen during the clinic session will be available the next morning. While ScribbleTM is EHR agnostic, the tablet accompanies the clinician and patient, and will support in-person and telehealth visits across multiple platforms. Acting as an extended virtual team of a clinician, ScribbleTM allows them to take care of patients rather than their EHR.

How It Works

Patient consent to record the visit is obtained on the ScribbleTMtablet.

You start the visit after pressing ‘START’ on the Scribble TM tablet.

You conduct the visit as usual, engaging the patient more directly without worrying about the encounter notes.

With Scribble TM you can append or directly dictate notes before, during, or after the visit. The service can be used in the presence of various other people involved in the visit (family members, translators, other care team members), whether an in-person or telemedicine visit.

With supported speech recognition and processing technology, a highly trained clinician creates your personalized chart note and adds any additional pertinent data to the EHR.

The next morning your personalized notes are available for your sign off, providing a closed loop process.

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