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IKS AssuRxTM Prescription Management
As It Should Be

Patients who take prescriptions take an average of 4 prescriptions each. Nearly 40% of seniors take 5 or more medications. Nationwide there are over 4 billion prescriptions written each year in the US. Nearly 28% of these risk leading to potential adverse drug events, the majority of which happen at the prescribing and monitoring stages of the prescription renewal process. It is estimated that these errors cost $4-5 billion dollars annually in avoidable events. The process for managing prescription renewals is a major factor in the crippling administrative burden experienced by providers and care teams, with an average provider receiving over 12 prescription requests per day.

AssuRxTM is a comprehensive closed-loop solution that helps to address these challenges, and was designed by providers for providers in collaboration between IKS Health and physician leaders at Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO). AssuRxTM is built on a SaaS based architecture that ensures that every medication renewal request is evaluated based on dynamically configured protocols for general appropriateness, safety, and clinical relevance. As an added layer of safety and quality, all complex refill requests are validated by trained pharmacists before completing the renewal request. AssuRxTM adheres to drug-class protocols built in collaboration with physician and pharmacy leaders and acts as a tool to help drive standardization in the prescription renewal process across the enterprise. AssuRxTM provides actionable intelligence to practice and administrative leaders with monthly and quarterly dashboards that provide operational insight to drive improvement in care delivery and process standardization.

How It Works

The AssuRxTM engine automatically ingests and aggregates all prescription renewal requests regardless of the source.

The dynamically configurable AssuRxTM engine performs checks to ensure that the request meets safety and clinical efficacy. Exceptions are flagged for additional follow-up as required.

Every renewal is evaluated against drug-class based protocols to ensure required laboratory results, office visits and other prerequisites are met. Complex renewal requests are processed by a trained pharmacist.

All medication orders are updated in the EHR as per the formulation and dose, dispensing quantity and number of refills. Laboratory orders are generated if necessary, helping to reduce delays in care, ensure safety, and decrease administrative burden. Alerts for visit appointments are also generated as needed to maintain adequate patient engagement.

Renewal requests are queued for the provider (or allowable proxy) for them to make any required clinical decisions or adjustments and to sign the prescription and accompanying orders. Scheduling tasks are automatically queued for clinic staff.

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