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Pre-Visit Summary – Patient Visit Planning
As It Should Be

Healthcare providers today face many pressures. Staffing shortages, increasingly complex patient cases, and increasing administrative tasks all compete with their ability to provide high quality patient outcomes. More than ever it is imperative to make optimal usage of the time spent with the patient at the point of care.

IKS’ Pre-Visit Summary Solution is designed to help providers maximize the time spent with their patients. Our pre-visit summary solution helps drive quality, reduce cost and improve financial performance. The IKS Pre-Visit Summary Solution is designed to give providers a clear, concise overview of the patient delivered in a standardized format. Whether directly in the EHR as a supporting note, in their inbox or directly to an IKS tablet device, this critical information can be conveniently accessed. The Pre-Visit Summary answers four key contextual questions related to a patient’s visit:

1. Why is the patient here today?

2. How am I managing the patient?

3. What has happened since the patient’s last visit?

4. What are the key point of care opportunities for this patient?

IKS’ Pre-visit Summary provides brief yet comprehensive insights into the patient’s anticipated visit, thereby reducing time and effort spent searching for patient information. It helps to close care gaps by identifying most recent results and planning for follow up orders. It optimizes visit workflow and improves patient engagement, all while driving an improved provider experience. The Pre-visit Summary solution can also enable accurate reimbursement by improving appropriate charge capture and coding accuracy.

How It Works

Patient historical data is obtained from various sources including EHRs, Claims and Pharmacy data, ADT feeds and others.

Leveraging a blend of technology and clinical expertise, data is collated into a concise and clinically rich pre-visit summary document for the provider.

At the start of each day providers have access to clinically relevant pre-visit summary. This can be presented in a variety of mediums based on provider preference. These include the provider’s EHR Inbox, as a pre-charted note in the EHR, at the point of care as part of our proprietary face-sheet or directly on an IKS Scribble Tablet.