IKS Health Services

IKS Risk and Quality Optimization

Success in population health management requires the right level of tools, processes, resources and technology. Provider enterprises and risk bearing entities often struggle to achieve their objectives to reduce total cost of care while improving the overall health of the population; often because they are unable to establish the full picture of a patient’s health due to interoperability challenges, lack of data and the challenges with proactively identify risk of chronic conditions.

IKS Risk & Quality Optimization solution brings together proven technology and expertise to help provider enterprises succeed across the spectrum of risk. Our solution enables enterprises to:

– Brings together data from all platforms to create a comprehensive picture of the patient

– Enable risk stratification and teeing up actions for providers and care managers

– Provide sophisticated data & analytics to optimize interventions

– Optimize risk capture through enhanced interventions like a clinical differential diagnosis process

– Engage physicians through a personalized outreach model

– Enable personalized and prioritize patient engagement to drive lasting behavior change

Our solution helps optimize risk capture and quality metrics with a comprehensive one-stop solution

Our platform brings all disparate data in a single platform with integration across 30+ leading EHRs and 20+ leading payers, we integrate EHR, claims, pharmacy & other data in a single platform.

Our solution includes full data mapping & governance including Data Profiling, Mapping, Thresholds, Data Normalization & Quarantining.

Our comprehensive & detailed analytics platform to increase visibility & giving providers the confidence to assume more risk. It provides a unified view of clinical & claims data in a single platform to improve care management and equips caregivers with actionable insights & open care gaps to optimize activity & achieve the best outcomes

Our sophisticated risk stratification engine combines with our workflow automation capabilities to enable superior outcomes.

Our solution enables enterprises to

Stratify populations in virtually infinite ways
Set rules at various organizational levels
Notify care teams when new members identified
Measure “pre/post” impact on performance
Export cohorts for ingestion in 3rd party apps

Our comprehensive and customizable Point of Care report with single-sign on from EHR that delivers the most pertinent & actionable patient information in a succinct manner. Our solution automatically detects patient context, alerts provider if action is required, presents quality measure, coding gaps, and more.

We also deliver personalized Provider engagement to deliver actionable insights on the practice & the patient panel

Our solution enables prioritized member outreach based on defined care management & communication protocols. We deliver tailored reminders for Health, Medication Adherence and appointments to promote self-care and drive behavior change.