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IKS Referral Management Solution
As It Should Be

Referrals of patients to specialists is a common practice in today’s medicine. It is also one fraught with challenges. Referrals can be time consuming and complicated by lack of visibility into information requirements that are necessary. Referrals also suffer from inconsistent processes for tracking and closing the loop between the referring provider and the specialist. These issues lead to inefficiencies for providers, loss of revenue for the enterprise and dissatisfaction for patients.

IKS’ Referral Management Solution creates a closed-loop process that addresses these challenges. IKS’ Referral Management Solution is a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of a patient’s referral journey. It helps reduce total cost of care by ensuring referrals are routed to providers that offer the highest quality care at the lowest cost. Our solution is built on a technology-optimized, human-in-the-loop model that delivers outcomes including closing the last mile of the process. The solution helps drive increased patient satisfaction by optimizing their referral journey. IKS’ Referral Management Solution gives full visibility into the referral process by providing detailed analytics. IKS’ Referral Management Solution delivers reduced total cost of care, decreased provider burden and an improved patient journey.

How It Works

The provider places a referral order in the EHR. The patient is provided a referral order document that includes details for the Centralized Referral Concierge.

IKS’ Centralized Referral Concierge contacts the patient to schedule their visit using the patient’s preferred contact channel (Text, Call, Email etc.) IKS ensures that the referral is matched to a specialist demonstrating both low cost and high quality of care.

IKS’s autonomous pre-visit clearance platform generates real time insurance, benefit verification along with near real-time prior authorization for the specialist, necessary laboratory tests or imaging studies.

IKS ensures a closed-loop process by engaging with patients to schedule their follow-up visits with the referring provider. IKS also ensures all data from the specialist consult and diagnostic procedures are extracted to discrete data in the EHR.