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As It Should Be

Healthcare provider enterprises are in varying stages in their journey from volume to value and the move to value based care is rapid and inevitable. The ability to document care, capture risk and coding accurately is a key to success with both financial and clinical implications

IKS’ clinical coding solutions enable provider enterprises to succeed in the world of volume and value. Our coding solution accounts for the full clinical context of the visit with our rich clinical expertise and experience. Ours is a comprehensive one-stop solution for E&M, ICD-10, and In-Patient Coding. Supported by a robust bi-directional query process with physicians, we optimize documentation and coding. IKS Health can grow seamlessly as you grow, eliminating the need to hire, train and maintain coding staff. Efficiency and accuracy are guaranteed through our technology-enabled coding solution.

How It Works

– E&M, CPT, ICD-10 Coding services for Office Visits and Inpatient Professional Services

– All charts delivered in 24 hours

– Identify patterns of opportunities to improve clinical documentation for each Provider based on extensive chart reviews

– Personalized feedback by expert CDI professionals

– Sample audits for specific member cohorts to identify documentation / coding issues

– Enable preparedness for CMS and other payer audit

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IKS Health
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