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Staffing shortages, increasing labor and supply costs and increasing consumerism in healthcare are but a few of the challenges healthcare enterprises face today. All of these trends have the potential to impact financial performance resulting in increased DSO, a reduction in the ability to work denials and increases in bad debt write-offs.

Traditional revenue optimization services are focused on managing and clearing errors after they occur. With shrinking margins and reduced resources, this delay in identifying errors can make the corrections ineffective. IKS Health offers a fully autonomous administrative platform that enables provider enterprises to move from management to preemption. 

IKS Health combines seamlessly integrated AI driven technology, multi-layered analytics, targeted insights, and data-driven decision making to provide the most innovative and effective Revenue Optimization Solution available.

IKS Health’s autonomous administrative journey platform empowers provider enterprises to predict and preempt challenges before they happen. Leading to optimized costs, maximized collections, and improved patient satisfaction with infinite scalability.

This comprehensive approach provides value throughout the administrative journey including, predicting and preventing cash leakages, denials, underpayments, and poor schedule management. 

The administrative process of healthcare is changing just as rapidly as the clinical aspects. IKS is making the investments to ensure your success today and in the future. Our cutting edge autonomous platform technology combined with a strong commitment to continuous enhancement of existing offerings positions IKS to solve both the current and upcoming challenges within the administrative side of healthcare and ensure your success. Our crusade will help lead the change from management to preemption! 

How It Works

The patient’s administrative journey begins well before the visit. IKS technology powered by our proprietary autonomous platform integrates seamlessly with existing EHR technology ensuring patient engagement, patient scheduling and financial clearance. When patient referrals to specialists are required, our autonomous solution provides a closed loop process from beginning to end of the referral process.

The patient’s administrative journey doesn’t end when they leave the exam room. IKS’s comprehensive platform is there to predict and prevent issues before they occur. Powerful technology paired with expertise creates clinically compliant chart notes, autonomously generates accurate coding, and processes claims through both a charge assurance and denial prevention engine before each claim is submitted for payment, ensuring minimal denials and maximum reimbursement

While the majority of denials can be prevented there is always the need to work those that can’t. IKS’s autonomous denial engine automatically captures and prioritizes denied claims, ensuring the most efficient and effective approach is taken to maximize reimbursement allowing your organization to focus on the volume which only results in payments.

IKS OptimixTM is an integrated and automated solution that manages the application of credit, prioritizing claims for insurance follow up and ensures timely and accurate cash application

IKS’s autonomous platform empowers the enterprise to take charge of their contracting. It automatically performs underpayment analysis by comparing contractual reimbursement with actual payments. It provides powerful modeling tools that allow for informed negotiations with payors, allowing for more favorable contracts for the enterprise.

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