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Digital Health Solutions
As It Should Be

Healthcare continues to be under tremendous pressure to deliver better, safer, more efficient care, while the number of providers is declining and patients are expecting a consumer centric experience.
Enabling care providers to operate at the top of their licensure, while providing them person specific insights at the time of decision making is fundamental to addressing these challenges.

Digital Health solutions is a portfolio of offerings that assist in addressing these challenges.

  1. Care Intelligence – Platform Approach & Data Driven
    • IKS Health’s Unified Data Platform (UDP) ingests, aggregates, and normalizes healthcare’s complex data as well as other data sources that are beneficial in making care decisions. This process yields a single concept for each data element to be leveraged by solutions, generate intelligence, and facilitate innovation. UDP is programmable, so as intelligence is applied or generated it can be proactively pushed into the care team’s workflow. The format of the normalized data can also be stored in various formats to be leveraged for different use cases like real-time solutions, research, data science, and analytics.
  2. Process Automation – Process Automation via software programs (Bots) that replicate high volume human tasks performed with a defined set of logic. An existing portfolio exists and net new ones can be developed, based on specific needs. These only require applicable access to systems, as if they were a human (credentials and functionality). IKS Health provides the infrastructure and ongoing maintenance..
  3. Digital Automation – Product Engineering (Development & Enhancements) – IKS Health employs a diverse and broad set of product development teams to engage with clients on developing new capabilities and solutions. These capabilities and solutions may address gaps not covered by existing technology or to enhance existing solutions. IKS Health does this at scale, as well, performing full development and maintenance functions for existing vendors in the market.