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With increasing demand-supply gaps in care delivery, the focus is shifting to improve access for patients while optimizing provider time and utilization. This is also happening while patients are demanding a more personalized experience while seeking care. For provider enterprises, the struggle is often to have the right level of resources, processes and technology to enable an optimized patient experience and provider utilization simultaneously.

IKS Eve enables autonomous management of pre-visit administrative workflow and the patient care journey while facilitating the interactions and financial transactions in a single Digital Platform. Our solution significantly expands patient’s ability to self-serve while improving financial outcomes for the practice.

With a comprehensive data & analytics engine in the back-end, IKS Eve provides predictive insights, decision support guidance and behavioral “nudges” to patients that optimize outcomes from schedule adherence to OTC collections at the point of care.

With a solution that enables (1) Appointment Clearance, (2) Automated Eligibility Verification, (3) Automated Benefits Verification, (4) Liability Estimation, (5) Prior Authorization (PT)

Our integrated Patient Engagement Hub includes (1)  Digital Patient Onboarding, (2) Communications Center, (3) Document Manager, (4) Payment Center

Our solution enables optimizing schedules by understanding patient propensity to keep the appointment or no-show and helps optimize demand and match it to provider supply.

Comprehensive one-stop referral management solution ensures that you can increase referrals to lowest-cost, highest-quality providers through a closed-loop, technology-led solution that engages patients through optimized channel customization.

IKS’ proprietary Patient Profiler enables personalized predictions on patient behavior that impact administrative, operational & clinical outcomes. This enables users to understand patient propensity to no-show, preferred channel to engage, propensity to pay & channel to pay through a sophisticated AI/ML powered engine.

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