Get to Know Us

Meaning to Our Existence

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the efficient delivery of excellent care. We will deliver on this promise in a manner that makes it a joy for all to work with us; becoming the trusted partner that ensures financial success for our clients and healthier populations in our communities.

Our Vision

Healthier Consumers, Happier Providers, Thriving Organizations, Successful Healthcare for All.

Our Values

Navigate opportunities and obstacles with speed and certainty

  • Receive openly, be outside-in
  • Respond timely
  • Focus on outcomes as one

Embed insight and capability in our people, processes and technology

  • Impart knowledge and capability
  • Celebrate success and leverage failure
  • Empower everyone

Relentlessly pursue innovation and excellence

  • Identify emerging industry trends
  • Expand what’s possible
  • Integrate the best of people and technology; strive for excellence

Foster human connections and collaboration

  • Commit to the community
  • Cultivate collaboration
  • Ensure that people feel valued, not simply valuable

United by Purpose

Our people are an indispensable part of our organisation. With nearly 50% of our employees consisting of women, we proudly support a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce. At IKS Health, our goal is to build an empowering organisational culture, where varied perspectives, and creativity in strategic thinking is honoured. Through DE&I, we push our success needle to build an excited, diligent, and purpose-driven community.


Meet our executive team, governing excellence at every facet of our solutions.