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Meaning to Our Existence

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the efficient delivery of excellent care. We will deliver on this promise in a manner that makes it a joy for all to work with us; becoming the trusted partner that ensures financial success for our clients and healthier populations in our communities.

Our Vision

Healthier Consumers, Happier Providers, Thriving Organizations, Successful Healthcare for All.

Our Values

We take pride in the role we play to improve healthcare

We understand that our work is as integral to the patient’s experience as every other member of the care team. Each team member operates within the organization as if it were their own. We believe when our clients succeed, we succeed.

We care about one another, our clients, and the communities they serve

We approach others with kindness and respect, appreciating their perspectives and challenges, and doing what we can to help their success.

Working with the customer, we turn opportunity into reality

The organization achieves the improbable and seemingly impossible when the team unites as one. Teamwork extends beyond our organization with the acknowledgement that our clients’ willingness to share their challenges can shape our future.

Our clients’ goals come first

We internalize our clients’ goals as our own and we become extensions of their organizations. Every decision at IKS Health is shaped by how it enables our customers, and their patients, to prosper. We are forthright in our dealings and show absolute integrity in everything we do.

We look outside the boundaries of convention to find new solutions

We believe that there is always a solution to the problems that lay before us. We seek thoughtfulness and creativity to find these solutions, for ourselves and for our clients, to achieve our goals.

We are a Learning organization

This pursuit of knowledge means we constantly better ourselves and our organization. We embrace education, feedback and self-improvement. Learning allows us to be agile, adaptive and responsive to the transformative healthcare environment in which we work.

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United by Purpose

Our people are an indispensable part of our organisation. With nearly 50% of our employees consisting of women, we proudly support a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce. At IKS Health, our goal is to build an empowering organisational culture, where varied perspectives, and creativity in strategic thinking is honoured. Through DE&I, we push our success needle to build an excited, diligent, and purpose-driven community.


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